About NYC Camp

NYC Camp Media Sprint

A Global Gathering of Open Source Enthusiasts

NYC Camp (pronounced "nice camp") is an open source conference, with a focus on accelerated learning to help attendees contribute back to their projects and communities. This annual grassroots conference brings together enthusiastic beginners and experienced developers from around the world.

One of our major goals is to help attendees boost their learning. We bring together some of the most active minds in open source to help developers move past the plateau and surmount the learning curve from an intermediate level to advanced. We also provide free trainings for attendees of all skill levels.

Our content and audience are Drupal-centric, but also encompass a broad range of related open source technologies and communities.

Our mission-driven focus also incorporates some meaningful initiatives that aim to foster youth and tech, women in tech, and coding for a cause.

NYC Camp is 100% free for attendees, run solely by volunteers and is a not-for-profit event. Our conference is only made possible by the generosity of our partners.

NYC Camp includes many great activities:

Thanks to generous support from the United Nations, NYC Camp will be held at the UN's global headquarters in mid-town Manhattan.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the NYC Camp organizing team at info@nyccamp.org.