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The Latest in Single Page & Real Time Apps
Fri. Jul. 17/15, 9:00 AM to Sat. Jul. 18/15, 5:00 PM

Room: Conference Room 11 (Friday and Saturday)

Apps Camp is values-driven event geared towards sharing best practices to help missionary and entrepreneurial developers create great open source apps that help to make the web and our world a better place.

Presentations and discussions will be focused on tools and lessons that make for great single-page native and web apps that deliver the real-time performance of traditional software. We’ll have a strong focus on real-time technologies that allow for true concurrency in the browser, with presentations that touch on topics such as data synchronization, operational transformation (OT), realtime collaboration, and offline access & storage.

We’re hoping for technical discussions on technical topics such isomorphic apps and full-duplex communications across TCP with WebSockets (HTML5), WebRTC Data Channels, HTTP 2.0, and Rachet PHP Web Sockets, and Distributed Data Protocol (DDP). We’re also hoping to cover approaches to creating apps with tools such as NodeJS/IO.js (Google Chrome V8 JS Engine), ECMAScript 6 (E6), and emerging open source frameworks such as Bladerunner.js, DerbyJS, Meteor.js, Sails,, Phoenix, and SocketStream (including how they handle scalability, security, permissions, user authentication and SEO.

We will also be hosting an Apps for Humanity showcase on the afternoon of Sat Jul 18, for developers that are aiming to aiming to “do good, while doing well”. We’re aiming to provide a unique networking and collaboration opportunity at the UN for teams that are creating open source apps/platforms that have a humanitarian element (e.g., free or discounted pricing for open source, non-profit and ngos).

Attendees will hopefully come away from Apps Camp with a strong understanding of the latest tools at their disposal and a sense as to which may be the best fit for creating the MVP or next version of their app.



Fri (Jul 17)

Sat (Jul 18)