Next Gen

NYC Camp NextGen Initiative

Supporting Tomorrow's Open Source Contributors

The Next Generation program is a two day event, during NYC Camp, where kids work in teams led by professional mentors that work in the industry. These teams will learn the technical skills they need to produce a successful product. There will be workshops and exercises designed to teach them how to manage, troubleshoot, architect and present their solution. The kids will leave the conference having earned confidence, leadership and technical skills that will transfer to key aspects of their future education and life.

Since our inception, NYC Camp has worked to foster young developers that are are looking to get learn about and contribute to open source technologies. Through a variety of efforts, we work to provide meaningful contribution opportunities and a healthy environment where youth can actively participate, connect and collaborate.

We've worked to achieve these goals by actively reaching out to and collaborating with several of the leading youth and tech initiatives in NYC, and trying to support their efforts. In prior years we've hosted youth code sprints, BoFs, technology demos, presentations/sessions, keynote sessions/Q&A. We've also hosted youth mentoring sessions where adult mentors who also started at a young age have provided mentoring and advice to the next generation of young developers attending NYC Camp.. You can see some photos from our 2013 & 2014 conferences on Flickr.

If you are a young developer or interested in this initiative please drop us a line at