Liquid Democracy Lab

Installation and Walkthrough of the LiquidFeedback Package

Sunday, July 19, 2015 - 11:00am to 4:00pm

LiquidFeedback is an open source solution for proposition development and decision-making.
Its main design principles are:

  • scalability through division of labor and delegation;

  • proportional representation of minorities;

  • protection against non-transparent lobbying;

  • equal treatment of competing alternatives; and

  • support for preferential voting (a.k.a., “ranked balloting”...)

This session could also serve as a “think tank” to come up with ideas for:

  • useful applications of LiquidFeedback to real world problems;

  • complementary integration of LiquidFeedback with existing open source forum and messaging software packages;

  • possible ways that this software's interfaces could be improved; and

  • methods for securing and auditing changes made to a deployed system.

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Data Revolution
democracy, voting, decision-making, consensus, lua, postgres, nginx, debian, open government, civic hacking