NYC Camp Summit

NYC Camp Features a Broad Range of Summits

Our summits bring together people with common interests to share best practices and lessons around these areas, and to answer recurring questions that the participants have in their shared area of interest.

Depending on the topic, summit formats vary from purely roundtable discussions, to highly structured forums with an agenda, to presentations and/or plenaries. Summits also often make use of break-out groups to discuss specific sub-topics; and often these break-out groups will report back on their findings to the summit attendees at large.

Also be sure to check out info about our Dev Ops Camp, Front End Camp and Apps Camp. Given increased interest in the topics in recent year, we are expand our focus in these areas by hosting "mini-Camps" that run for multiple days under the umbrella of the overall NYC Camp conference.

This year's NYC Camp will feature summits on the following topics: