Advanced Scientific Visualization: Drupal For Cultural Heritage

DIOPTRA :United Nations Headquarters New York

Drupal is a powerful framework that can be used in Digital Cultural Heritage. Our aims are to introduce Drupal into Digital Cultural Heritage domain, as well as to share and protect our long-standing civilization through time by using Drupal. Thus we present Drupal's contribution to Digital Cultural Heritage.

Drupal framework can be used to support complex Digital Culture Heritage Projects, help researchers and scientists share their knowledge worldwide and preserve valuable data.

This session will cover

  • Why Drupal is suitable for Digital Cultural Heritage projects
  • Advance Search using Apache Solr Lucene
  • Advanced Scientific Visualization: Reflectance Transformation Imaging for Cultural Heritage
  • CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) Understanding of Cultural Heritage Information
  • Open Data & Web Semantics Interoperability for Cultural Heritage
  • 3D Models for Cultural Heritage
  • Scalability
  • Cultural Heritage Imaging
  • Maping Cultural Heritage, Geospatial
  • Multilingual (Ancient Languages Integration)
  • Examples projects DIOPTRA : Digital Library of Cypriot Culture base on Drupal 7x
  • Taxonomies, how we can use them in Digital Cultural Heritage
  • Key Module for developing a Cultural Heritage project.
  • Text Analysis
  • Timelines


Dioptra is a Drupal based Digital platform for Cultural Heritage that develops in modules dedicated in the study of various aspects of Cypriot Cultural Heritage. Spearheading The Cyprus Institute contribution to the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus.

The creation of the digital library Dioptra provides the necessary framework to support the management and international dissemination of an array of projects, collaborations and initiatives.

The completion of the Ancient Cypriot Literature Digital Corpus project has offered the first module with others following such as projects on the History and Culture of  Cypriot Medieval Coinage, Cypriot Archaeological Collections in Foreign Museums and the work of Byzantine Artist Theodore Apseudis.


Dr. Nikolas Bakirtzis : Project Coordinator (The Cyprus Institute)

Avgoustinos Avgousti
Research Technical Specialist
The Cyprus Institute
Nicosia Cyprus






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