Aegir 4.0 / Next Generation Demos, Panel & Discussion

Panel of Aegir maintainers and Flynn co-creator discussing the future of Aegir

Cameron Eagans (currently Principal Software Engineer at NBC Universal) leads a discussion panel on a radical Aegir 4.0 / Next Generation proposal which emerged from Aegir maintainers discussions during Drupalcon LA. The panel will be based on feedback from the Aegir 4.0 / Next Generation Proposal

Special Guest: co-creator of Jonathan Rudenberg will be joining the panel

Panel discussion will be preceeded by demo's by Cameron Eagons and John Rosenberg on Flynn and Jon Pugh of Terra Apps and Christopher Gervais on Aegir 4

This session is part of the Aegir Summit: Commercial Free Software Drupal Hosting with Drupal, Drush & Aegir

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