Blockstack: A Stack of Open-source Software for Building Blockchain Apps

In this talk, we’ll present blockstack a common core/stack for developing decentralized blockchain applications. What Blockstack provides is a common software stack to build applications which do not depend on a central hosting provider who can exclusively cut off access to an application. This new application architecture is fundamentally changing the way that applications are built and deployed.

With Blockstack, applications can be built which provide users with features similar to web apps currently in popular usage, but which are not reliant on or controlled by an exclusive group of application developers or web hosts. Application developers can use Blockstack to not only build applications faster and with less infrastructure costs, but also build more trust with their users, who will be comforted by the fact that the application they are putting time and emotional energy into will not be able to be shut down for arbitrary reasons. Potential applications include decentralized Reddit, decentralized eBay, decentralized Uber etc. All of our code is open-source at

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