Building Apps with DrupalGap

Easily Build Apps for Drupal

Have you ever thought about building an application (mobile app, web app) for your Drupal website? In this session we'll build two example apps, one mobile application and one web application. After the session you'll walk away with the tools needed to build your own mobile app or web app for Drupal.

Both apps will utilize a Drupal 7 website, and DrupalGap, which is an open source application development kit for Drupal. With these tools, developers can easily create mobile apps (iOS, Android, etc) and web apps (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc) for their Drupal websites.

Example #1 - Mobile App - GeoTag a Photo
(Drupal 7 + PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile = DrupalGap 1.x)

This mobile app will allow us to take a photograph and save it onto a Drupal website. It will also record our current location to "GeoTag" the photo.

Example #2 - Web App - Get Nearby Locations
(Drupal 7 + AngularJS + CSS3 Framework(s) = DrupalGap 2.x)

This web app will allow us to retrieve and display nearby locations stored within the Drupal website. For this example our current location will be (40.748851, -73.968015):

United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY 10017

Our nearby examples will include the following locations:

  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Empire State Building
  • Times Square
  • Central Park
  • One World Trade Center

Demo Site(s)

Drupal 8 and Beyond

We'll also briefly cover what Drupal 8 has in store for application development and DrupalGap's future.

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