Continuous Everything with DevShop

Testing, Deployment, & Delivery Made Easy

DevShop is open source cloud hosting for Drupal.

With the recently added testing tools, DevShop makes the perfect platform for continuous integration practices.

No longer must you budget for weeks of setup and maintenance in order to get a quality testing infrastructure in place.

Out of the box, DevShop gives you:

  • Deploy and run tests on every git push.
  • New environments created automatically from GitHub Pull Requests.
  • Test results appear directly in GitHub, giving your developers instant feedback on the quality of their code.
  • Behat testing with real-time output and test logs.
  • Flexible configuration for each environment: Release to production using git tags, or set it to a branch to allow automatic deployment on git push, enabling continuous delivery.

For more information on how to use DevShop for Continuous Deployment, Integration, Testing & Delivery, see our blog post:


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