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Operational Freedom With Drupal

A group presentation from members of the Aegir Summit. Aegir is a free software Drupal hosting system and is used by organizations requiring operational freedom, information security, self hosting etc.

  • 10 mins Christopher Gervais, Aegir project lead on history of Aegir from creation at Development Seed, to Koumbit, to Praxis. Aegir 3 as a high availability clustered system and planned use on Openstack and other platforms. Example users such as the European Commission, the Stanford National Accelerator Laboratory, Community Wealth etc
  • 15 mins FEATURED CASE STUDY National Democratic Institute by Chris Doten: using Aegir to host CiviParty (based on CiviCrm) to promote international parliamentary democracy. "Organize your supporters with CiviParty, a streamlined version of the open-source constituent relationship management system, CiviCRM. Based on a streamlined version of the popular open-source database CiviCRM, CiviParty allows civic organizations to organize events, contact or survey supporters via SMS, reach large audiences via blast email or printed mail merge, and track engagement. Previously, these tools were available only to large political campaigns; now small organizations anywhere in the world can tap into the power of organizing data." Source: NDITech. Video CiviParty intro
  • 10 mins by Jon Pugh, founder of ThinkDrop, creator of Aegir-based DevShop & Docker-based Terra Ops; ThinkDrop has partnered with NuCivic to provide the platform for their NuCivic Data SaaS product, powered by DKAN.  NuCivic hosts many sites on Pantheon and Acquia, and can now support hosting DKAN anywhere using DevShop. The same cloud workflow features from commercial hosting companies is now available in the open source space, making it cost effective to host inside customer's own data centers. Terra is a container mangement tools we created to make launching sites with Docker as simple as possible. With these tools, we have already launched, a community space to share open data about the ebola virus; and, an open data platform for the government of Sierra Leone.
  • 10 mins by Steve Richards and Alick MckGil from Miggle on building a commercial website factory of 100+ sites using best practice Drupal project management and site building (with invite to a 4 hour extended and tailored Aegir Open Agency Website Factory Training on Thursday). Thursday's training will be also available in French, a Quebecian Aegir/Drupal expert will be able to sit with a small group and translate the training during the day. 
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