Get More Leads From Your Drupal Website

Through Improved Conversion Path Optimization and Tracking

Marketers, business owners, and agencies are all facing strong pressure to show meaningful ROI for their digital activities. Many have adopted Drupal and it’s for a good reason! Drupal let’s you easily execute your content marketing strategy, scales without failing, and it integrates with all of the major tools you need to track engagement. But it’s only one piece of the puzzle. You need a digital strategy to increase leads to your website. 

Instead of telling you how easy it is to get conversions, this session focuses on practical advice for increasing the leads from your Drupal website. Key topics include: 

  • How to identify your audience and use Drupal to give them what they are seeking 
  • How to handle first touch points that aren’t your homepage or the “correct” landing page 
  • How to attribute ROI when multiple channels over time contributed to the conversion 
  • How to test your assumptions in a way that gives you meaningful, actionable data 
  • The difference between a primary and secondary conversion 
  • What to do with the leads once you have them 
Skill Level(s):