Mistakes to Make When Starting a Business (with Python)

A post mortem look at the business I started to provide an open source Student Information System with Django. Talk is aimed at all level python developers who want to start a business or project. Lessons learned include why you should unit test, software architecture choices, deployment choices, and business financial models when working with non-profits. I'll be exposing my bad decisions and failures but will stay positive discussing experiences, learning, and how I am still running a consultanting group.


  • Unit tests - comparing non test driven development code to tested code with specifications. Considering business implications of adding features if you can't prove existing features still work.
  • Using Django then adding an API and Angularjs later.
  • From single tenant to multi tenant
  • From ssh and apache to ansible and docker
  • From a flawed business model to starting anew.
Skill Level(s):