Mobile App Development with HTML5

Creating Cross Platform Apps with HTML5, Javascript and PhoneGap

So you want to make dynamic mobile applications, but you don't want to learn the native toolkits for Android, iOS or even Windows 8?  The future of mobile embraces standards just as the web did years ago.

With this HTML5 Mobile App Development course, you will learn to create HTML5 based mobile applications that can be sold in the Apple App store, the Google Play Store or other mobile marketplaces. If you know the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript, you're ready to take this exciting workshop. You'll be encouraged to code along with master instructor Mark Lassoff, as you create applications that demonstrate many of the features available in the PhoneGap (aka Cordova) library.

You'll work with applications that control audio and video, use remote data from a server, and interact with the phone's camera and microphone hardware. If you already know HTML, CSS and Javascript, you can be well on your way to creating engaging mobile applications that you can distribute to all major phone platforms -- without coding a line of Java or Objective C. Using the PhoneGap platform and the techniques demonstrated in this workshop you can also write your code once and distribute to both iOS and Android easily. This workshop includes dozens of code and application examples and engaging lab exercises to help you retain the material once you have reviewed it. Participants will receive a free copy of Mark's new book, HTML5 Mobile App Development.

Lassoff is author of Mobile App Development with HTML5and the best selling video course by the same name.

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I don't use Powerpoint in my presentations-- Instead I live code in front of the participants and encourage them to code along with me. I have attached a copy of the book I will provide to those who come at no charge.
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