Opening the Doors to Collaboration: IASC & Open Atrium

How Open Atrium opened the doors to collaboration and reuse for IASC and OCHA

Open Atrium is a powerful distribution of Drupal that provides reusable, flexible components to support collaboration and knowledge management.

IASC (Inter-Agency Standing Committee) is a consortium of leadership from NGOs & UN levels who set policy & strategy for how humanitarian response happens at the high level.

This session will discuss how switching to Open Atrium took IASC from a static site with a bottleneck of one or two people managing content to a full-service platform supporting autonomous content management and group ownership of site section layouts and content access control.

It would be of value to UN employees & technical implementers because the use case that was accomplished here involves collaborating, sharing, and managing documents & meetings - which is a common use case across the various UN agencies & sub-departments.


Here’s a high level of topics that we will cover:

  • The power of reusability and extensibility: Why should you should consider using a distribution
  • The features of Open Atrium used by IASC
  • The positive effects of change management caused from switching platforms
  • Strategies for training your users on the switch
  • How feature reuse can extend beyond immediate site needs: Case study on "Recommendations Database"
  • The future of IASC using Open Atrium
  • Open Atrium Roadmap with D8


We will also include an interactive and discussion-based section in which we'll cover your collaboration needs and if and how a platform like Open Atrium can support your business requirements and processes. So come prepared with questions, ideas, and also to share your own experiences!


Who Should Attend:

  • UN employees &  who are in need of a better system for collaboration and coordination whether it's for an intranet, extranet, or a public site
  • Anyone who is curious about Open Atrium and its awesome features for collaboration and integrations
Skill Level(s):