(Re)Launch strategies: Drupal 8 and the modern web

Drupal 8 is here. People are using it to replace existing systems and to launch new projects. How does Drupal 8 fit into your long-term strategy? More specifically: What questions do we need to be asking now so that your investment in Drupal is paying dividends five years from now? Ten years from now?

This session will address the assessment and planning that will help you create a successful outcome for your Drupal 8 project. We will cover the following specific areas:

Given the CMS marketplace, why is Drupal 8 a smart choice?
When will Drupal 8 be ready for my project?

  • How does Drupal 8 address the needs of the modern web?
  • How do we move to Drupal 8?
  • How do we plan the project?
  • What are my staffing needs for this project and beyond?
  • How can this project benefit the larger Drupal community?

Participants should leave this session with a strong understanding of how to plan their Drupal 8 project, the questions to ask potential partners, and the long-term benefits of adopting Drupal as a web platform.

Skill Level(s):