Storyboard Magic

How to Sprinkle Fairy Dust on Your Discovery Process

Well, we're all selling Discovery now but the volume of documents with conflicting information seems just as daunting as not having any information at all. What if I could show you a simple, fast and easy way to create a document that your clients will understand, your architects will adore and it will end scope creep, he-said-she-said arguments and provide you criteria for user acceptance testing? Implementing this simple strategy will end hours of documents swimming with errors, duplications and foggy descriptions of poorly explained functionality. Storyboards used along with a 3x3 Matrix and Use Dashboards can save hours of back and forth. It gives clients the clarity to sign-off on features and workflow while protecting you from scope creep and miscommunication woes. This will be a hands-on opportunity. Bring your worst RFP, client specification document and let's see how we can turn that mess into something beautiful. This is a deep dive into one of my DrupalCon Amsterdam presentation. It's my favorite part of project planning and I know you'll love it too!

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