Panopoly Sprint

Please help us make Panopoly even more awesome! :)

Thu. Jul. 16/15, 9:00 AM to Fri. Jul. 17/15, 5:00 PM

Panopoly is a "base distribution" that several other Drupal distributions are built on, including Open Atrium, Open Academy, Open Church, Demo Framework, and others. Panopoly focuses on having a great experience out-of-the-box, keeping users and site admins off the Drupal backend and making everything WYSIWYG.

At this sprint we will tackle issues in the queue, work on documentation and testing. We'll have tasks available for everyone at all skill levels, whether you’re a site builder, developer, themer or just a user. Please help us make Panopoly even more awesome! :-)

Here's a short link to a document that has all of the information about this sprint:

Ways you can help!

  • Confirming bugs in the issue queue* (and adding steps to reproduce + screenshots)
  • Testing patches in the issue queue* (do they fix the bug?)
  • Tagging issues in the issue queue* (helping others find and do issues!)
  • Doing code review on patches in the issue queue (do they match coding standards?)
  • Writing Behat tests for features of Panopoly* (if it has a test, we won’t break it later!)
  • Accessibility testing and improvements* (allow people with disabilities to use Panopoly)
  • Writing patches to fix bugs or implement new features
  • Improve documentation for users and contributors* (especially for newbies!)
  • Experiment using Panopoly and report any bugs you find in the issue queue*

* Tasks that non-coders can do!

HOW TO FIND US: We're in "Conference Room 12" which is the first room past the last set of doors you have to go through where you show someone your security badge. If you start seeing several screens by rooms that talk about "DM/OICT: NYCCamp 2015" you've probably gone too far, and need to go back to the doors at the last security point, because this is the first NYCCamp room you'll pass after going through those doors. (Note: this is a different room than yesterday!)

(If you just get totally lost, call David @ 1-262-422-2337)

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