Business and Commerce Summit

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Delivering Better Commerce Experiences with Open Source
Fri. Jul. 17/15, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Room: Conference Room D

The Business & Commerce Summit is aimed at helping decision makers understand how open source software (and Drupal in particular) can be leveraged to stay ahead of the technology curve to be more successful. This years summit brings together some of the top experts in this field to discuss the importance of 2 crucial components needed to drive and measure B2B/B2C engagement: Open Source (FLOSS) software, and User Experience workflows.

In the morning session we start with Open Source software and consider why it has become such a powerful tool in for business and commerce. Why is it that FLOSS based tools give the businesses who use them such a competitive advantage, and what does this mean for for emerging global economies? How can you as a business owner or technology provider best put these resources to use?

Then in the afternoon the focus shifts to commerce workflows and web engagement strategies. Once again we'll explore how businesses who understand the importance of user experience design and how to implement it have a much stronger position. Our afternoon speakers will address questions such as

"What are the elements of a successful approach to UX and how does that drive the bottom line?"

We hope you'll join us for this summit and welcome your in advance your comments and questions.

The Business & Commerce Summit is made possible again this year by NYC Camp partner Commerce Guys.



Fri (Jul 17)

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