Open Agency Website Production Line: Ops Freedom With Aegir

Operational Freedom With Drupal

Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 1:15pm to 5:30pm
Open Agency Site Factory

Simple sites or complex builds, Aegir has you covered! Roll-out a cookie-cutter site network, or master the complex challenge of a universal solution to build, deploy and maintain many distinctive sites. "Building a commercial Aegir agency website production line" with Alick Mighall & Steve Richards from miggle, Brighton, UK. First presented at Drupalcon Amsterdam. Now a 4 hour extended and in-depth version for intermediate to advanced business and technical agencies and organizations looking for operational freedom in Drupal. The main training is in English but a small Francophone group will receive parallel translation & training by Guillaume Boudrias a Quebecian Aegir expert .

This session is part of the Aegir Summit: Commercial Free Software Drupal Hosting with Drupal, Drush & Aegir


  • Ceci est une session d'introduction à Aegir en français : Guillaume Boudrias,
  • National Democratic Institute by Chris Doten: using Aegir to host CiviParty (based on CiviCrm) to promote international parliamentary democracy. "Organize your supporters with CiviParty, a streamlined version of the open-source constituent relationship management system, CiviCRM. Based on a streamlined version of the popular open-source database CiviCRM, CiviParty allows civic organizations to organize events, contact or survey supporters via SMS, reach large audiences via blast email or printed mail merge, and track engagement. Previously, these tools were available only to large political campaigns; now small organizations anywhere in the world can tap into the power of organizing data." Source: NDITech. Video CiviParty intro Featured Case Study: National Democratic Institute (NDI), BlueWave Web Designers Chris Doten, Technology, Int'l Development and Democracy Expert

Building a commercial Aegir agency website production line

Delivered by UK industry veterans Alick Mighall & Steve Richards of miggle of Brighton, UK.

The Drupalcon Amsterdam shorter, 1 hour presentation can be seen; Spidersnet Infinity: Creating a website production with Drupal & Aegir

Industrial Strength

As a case study, we’ll focus on how a large media brand is utilising Drupal to replace an ageing custom codebase and is doing so using a code driven approach with cutting edge front end theming. We’ll walk through how we assessed business requirements and converted these into modules and features to provide the components of a Drupal 7 distribution and install profile. We’ll walk through the Aegir driven infrastructure and how this provides a simple environment for building, managing and migrating site instances and how we distributed knowledge on Drush, local development techniques and Apache Solr.

Our client took a decision to find an open source CMS that could standardise the site building approach and provide a degree of automation to allow for optimum value from each site build whilst tapping into a growing developer community.

Best Practice Drupal Site Building x 100

Our approach was to find a solution that was as contributed as possible, offered a standardised core codebase & theme, but that provided the flexibility to allow for each site to retain it’s own personality, all the while sharing a core set of features. We then had to re-skill the internal team and manage a roll out which constituted significant business and operational change.

Points covered in this presentation:

  • Establishing business objectives and existing platform functionality
  • Product Requirements Documentation (PRD) phase
  • Building a pattern portfolio with Zurb Foundation
  • Defining High performance system architecture
  • API & feed integration points
  • Theming architecture
  • Entityforms Features for everything!
  • Flexible install profile and Aegir integration
  • Ongoing update/migration tasks

This session will be a team presentation providing differing perspectives from individuals involved at different stages of the process, including a senior web dev on the client side, and product management and front / back-end development from the supplier side

UK Agency Veterans

Alick Mighall

MD and miggle founder, Alick Mighall, has 20 years’ online experience including seven years’ product management, development, board level and international experience at Yahoo! – with 5 years broadcast experience prior to that. Since forming miggle in 2007 Alick has built a successful team, which manages content and development for a number of prestigious clients, such as Air New Zealand, NBC Universal and Yahoo!. In the last three years he’s transitioned the business into one that has rapidly become known as Drupal specialists.

His own specialism is product management, UX, IA, online planning and delivery. As a consultant he has scoped products for organisations such as the BBC, DHL and The Collections Trust. He has also delivered large-scale projects for NHS, Fitness First and AOL.

Alongside these activities, Alick also advises on effective content, site monetisation and social media strategies. He also speaks at a number of industry events.

Steve Richards

Steve joined miggle in April 2012 after five years as a web manager and Senior Drupal Developer for a multi-national events organisation in London, where he implemented Drupal across a network of over 20 sites – including a number of Drupal 6 Ubercart builds.

He leads the Drupal development strategy for miggle and tackles the day-to-day technical obstacles that face our highly experienced team of developers.

As Lead Developer, Steve has worked on projects for Phaidon, Friday Media Group, NHS, NBC Universal and Air New Zealand. He also speaks regularly at Drupal industry events.

French Aegir Training & Interpretation

The main training is in English but a small Francophone group will receive parallel translation & training by Guillaume Boudrias a Quebecian Aegir expert from

Aegir Summit

This training is part of the Aegir Summit where more Aegir related topics will be explored in depth.

Aegir provides an ideal solution to manage the hosting and deployment of multiple websites, using either the same code-base, or unique code bases.

Aegir potential use cases are myriad.  At a most basic level organisations may have a requirement to roll-out a range of very similar sites taking a cookie cutter approach.  At a more complex level, the requirements may be to have a universal solution that can mange the roll out of multiple distinct sites.  If you’re looking for an open source solution to take the pain out of multiple site deployments then this session and training is for you.

Skill Level(s): 
Intermediate, Advanced, Very Advanced
Architects, Back End Developers, Business, Content Managers, Dev Ops, Developers, Everyone, Front End Developers, Project Managers, Site Builders, Trainers
Aegir Summit, UN Training Summit, Business & Commerce, Non-Profits & NGOs
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